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Date Posted: 29 April, 2013

8 Tuffa Tanks for Nature Park

The Port Moresby Nature Park took another step towards greater sustainability with the donation of eight Tuffa Tanks from KK Kingston Ltd. The Tuffa Tanks will allow the park to harvest and store rainwater, reducing their dependence on expensive mains water.

 Four 5,000L Tuffa tanks have already been installed, with the water used to irrigate the orchid nursery which is home to over 11,000 orchids. The remaining four 9,000L Tuffa tanks will be used to flush toilets in the new main building currently under construction. "Our goal is always to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and these Tuffa tanks allow us to make good use of the natural rain water which would normally just run off," commented Michelle McGeorge, GM of the Nature Park. KK Kingston are the proud PNG manufacturers of the Famous Tuffa Tanks, and Roderick Ila, the Southern Sales Manager was keen to add his sentiments, "We are very happy to be supporting the Nature Park, and always proud to see our Tuffa tanks doing what they do best, harvesting and storing clean natural rainwater for when it's needed."

The Port Moresby Nature Park is now well regarded as a major tourism attraction in Port Moresby, providing visitors with an insight into PNGs unique flora and fauna.

IMAGE CAPTION: Tuffa Sales Manager, Roderick Ila and Michelle McGeorge, GM Port Moresby Nature Park, admire 4 of the 8 Tuffa tanks donated by KK Kingston Ltd.