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Date Posted: 20 August, 2012

KK Kingston Staff Clean up House Tutumang

Carrying brooms, mops, rags and plenty of Dazzle, 50 voluntary KK Kingston staff joined together to clean up house Tutumang in the garden city of Lae on Saturday. Cleaning up for a fresh start and looking ahead with hope for positive change in their province.

On Saturday 18th August as the clock struck 12noon, a kind of fervor seem to have taken over the KK Kingston head office and it was not for the approaching weekend but the excitement for more work. For the first lucky 50 volunteers all KK Kingston employees it was 'show time'. After hearing and reading in the newspapers about the destruction to the Tutumang Haus and amidst much disgust and anger over such uncivilized behavior, the idea to clean up the Tutumang Haus surfaced. As it was discussed and thrown around in the tea room it became clear that positive actions is more powerful than criticism and a major clean up to herald the new governor should be the order of the day. It will signify a new beginning and an attitude that the tax payers are adapting and that is, we want change, and we are willing to do what little we can to bring about this change.

Margaret Tuba the Admin manager then brought it up to Michael Kingston the GM of K.K Kingston and suggested that K.K Kingston staff volunteer to do a cleanup as part of the company's community service campaign, to give back to the community and Michael Kingston readily agreed and donated cleaning chemicals and accessories, provided lunch and transport for the volunteers to get the job done.

All the volunteers that worked there on that day left with a sense of accomplishment and also being a part of something even greater, the beginning of change in Morobe.

IMAGE CAPTION: 50 KK Kingston staff with mops, brooms and Dazzle, ready to clean up Haus Tutumang.