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Date Posted: 14 October, 2013

Dazzle Haus Ready for Busy Show Weekend

With less than a week to go, the KK Kingston team is in the final stages of preparation for the 2013 Morobe show weekend. This year the show looks to be bigger and better than ever. Many companies are already touting their show offers in the local press. Once again the Kingston team will have some exciting things happening at the show grounds and super specials available at Kingston Industrial, Lae.

“We’re putting final touches on the renovations at Dazzle Haus, and our show bags are all packed ready to go!” commented Lois, Kingston Retail Promotions coordinator. Dazzle Haus, Kingston’s stall at the show is always a big feature of the weekend. Every year the stalls delights the show goers with great show bags full of goodies, lots of cool merchandise for sale and the famous Dazzle Dunk Machine. “This year we have even better prizes for the Dunk Machine and people are going to love the new Dazzle and GNS caps and t-shirts. We’re anticipating a sell-out weekend,” says Lois.

The show draws crowds from all over Morobe and the surrounding provinces, and is an opportune time to showcase new or existing products to the general public. Tuffa Tanks, proudly manufactured by KK Kingston, will be displaying some of their models and challenging the public with the “Break the Tuffa Tank” competition. Contestants are given a metal sledge hammer and challenged to break the tank. Any winners will be given a tank free. “Our tanks are built to the highest standards and they are very very tuff. I don’t think we’ll be giving any away, but I’d like to see people try. It’s very good fun, and I’m sure there are some strong people out there willing to give it a go!” says Roderick Ila, Tuffa Sales Champion.

That’s just some of the activity going on. There are special deals to be had and product displays on show. We’re all looking forward to a great (and busy!) weekend. Fingers crossed the weather is good to us. Come down and experience the show for yourself this Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October at the Lae Show grounds. Gates open at 8am.

IMAGE CAPTION: Dazzle Haus receiving final touches before the 2013 Morobe Show coming up this weekend!