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Date Posted: 27 July, 2013

KK Kingston Toastmasters Prosper in Lae

As the Kingston’s Corporate Toastmasters club closed the Toastmaster year 2012/2013 and heralded in the new year 2013/2014, there was much to celebrate. For a club whose closest neighbor club is a 45minutes plane ride away, this is as isolated as it can get and yet this small but determined club had survived another year, having just celebrated its 3rd year of existence on 8th of June.

What is so amazing about this club is that not only has it survived, it had prospered by leaps and bounds amidst numerous challenges. In the club’s first meeting for Toastmaster year 2013/2014 on Saturday 6th July, there was cause for jubilation when three more members received their education awards, bringing the total number of awards bagged by this club to twelve and making it the club with the most number of Toastmasters awards for clubs within PNG (Area 38) thus ranking high among the clubs in Northern Territory (District 69), an astounding feat indeed.

Of the twelve awards, ten were Competent Communication awards for successful completion of the communication projects by the following members; Julie Sugoho, Bertha Koteke, Stephanie Nialir, Rachael Poloat, Lynette Bunei, Maria Leah Pena, Douglas Mui, Grengnen Giok with most recent being Maggie Joseph and Toksy Kasa. Another two Competent Leadership awards were collected by Bertha Koteke and Grengnen Giok upon successfully completion of their leadership projects.

Such an outstanding achievement does not come easy and the club attributes its success, first and foremost to its sponsor, KK Kingston Ltd for believing in the development and training of its employees and supporting the club from day one. The next lot of people to share the credit has to be the club executives who are the key drivers to the clubs success and of course the members, for without them the club would not have existed. This just goes to show that commitment and hard work plus a will to survive and prosper, does pay off even for a young, isolated Toastmasters club.

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IMAGE CAPTION: Kingston Corporate Toastmasters Club members during team meeting