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Date Posted: 25 June, 2014

Milne Bay Disaster Committee receives support from KK Kingston Ltd

The Milne Bay Disaster Committee in Port Moresby was pleased to receive a donation from KK Kingston Limited on Monday 23rd June 2014. The Company donated 20 x Water Filters, 20 x Liter Containers and 5x 200 liter drums to support the Communities within the Milne Bay Province who were affected by the Tropical Cyclone early April 2014.

The Disaster committee, formed by the Milne Bay communities within the Nation’s Capital aimed to provide help and support to the local communities in the Milne Bay Province who suffered the destruction caused by the Tropical Cyclone.

Apart from the donations received from KK Kingston Limited, the committee also received great help and support from individuals within the Nation’s Capital who donated clothing, other items and financial support from business houses.

The Committee thanked KK Kingston Ltd for the generous support given to the Disaster Committee and the people of the Milne Bay Province.

IMAGE CAPTION: Presentation of Tuffa products to the Milne Bay Disaster Committee