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Date Posted: 18 July, 2014

Nature Park & KK Kingston Join To Save Water

KK Kingston is lending its support behind Port Moresby Nature Park’s initiative to become an environmental leader by sponsoring a number of Tuffa Tanks to the Park to reduce the Parks need for town-water consumption.    

Water collected from roofs in the Nature Park is already being used for a number of purposes including irrigation of plants in the park and also to flush toilets.

Under the sponsorship, the Park has already connected Tuffa Tanks to both public and staff toilets at the main entry and is also irrigating the orchid nursery’s with tank water saving the Park thousands of liters each month.

On the initiative, Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager, Michelle McGeorge said, “We are grateful to KK Kingston for assisting us in our goal of becoming an environmentally sustainable Park.  The city’s dam levels are already drastically low so it is vital that households and businesses alike take steps to reduce their water consumption.”

Roderick Ila, KK Kingston’s Tuffa Product Champion said KK Kingston was proud to support the Nature Park for another year as the Park was an important platform in sharing with the public various practical steps each of us can take to save our environment, including conserving water.” 

“The best thing about rain water is that it is free!  Collecting rain water in tanks saves money, decreases our need for town water and makes our lives easier by having access to water to use on washing, cooking and gardening,” Mr Ila added.

The KK Kingston sponsorship will see the rest of the Nature Park’s public toilets connected to Tuffa Tank’s in the coming months to ensure all toilets were able to flush with recycled water.

Other initiatives the Nature Park has taken to reduce its water consumption includes the recent re-commissioned of a disused bore and education and awareness training of gardening staff on tips to conserve water whilst performing their duties.

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IMAGE CAPTION: Port Moresby Nature Park’s general manager, Michelle McGeorge with KK Kingstons, Tuffa Product Champion, Roderick Ila displaying signs that will alert customers that the public toilets are flushed usi