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Date Posted: 04 November, 2013

New Arrival - Beaver Slings & Shackels

New to our Industrial showrooms is the range of Beaver Australian Slings. Made from quality materials and tested to standard AS 1353 and AS 4497, the Beaver Flat and Round Polyester Slings are used in a variety of lifting and towing applications. Beaver branded slings are renowned as the market leader in ergonomically designed synthetic slings.

We currently stock a range of 1 to 17 tonne load capacity. However the unique “Twin Path” licensed and patented sling range can be made to order and used for heavy lifts up to 600 tonne (talk to us today). The Beaver slings have a life span of 10 years from manufacture.

Also in stock from Beaver are a range of transport load fasteners:
• Heavy Duty Ratchet Assemblies
• Screw Bow Shackles
• Load Binders
• Truck Load Chains

Have a look in store today. Call us to book your order, or ask for a sales rep to do a product demo at your office right away.

Call POM - 325 6083, or LAE 472 2745

IMAGE CAPTION: Beaver are a leader in the range of synthetic sling technology