Tuffa Rotomould

Tuffa Rotomould

Tuffa top quality water tanks and rotomould products are proudly made in PNG for PNG conditions. They are tanks of choice for many Papua New Guineans, building contractors, and are used by NGOs for water projects throughout the country.

Other than our famous tanks, we produce a wide range of rotomould products, including:

  • septic tanks
  • drums
  • wheel burrows
  • patrol boxes
  • toilet pits
  • rubbish bins
  • road barriers and more.

Tuffa rotomould products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors. The rotomould factory is located near KK Kingston head office in Lae, Morobe province and produces world class tanks that comply to our rigorous quality controls and AS Australian standards.

  • Clean Drinking Water
  • UV protection
  • Long lasting 10 year warrantee
  • Easy to transport & install
  • Complies with Australian Standards

Tuffa Product Catalogue

Product Catalogues

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